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About the Artist

Matthew Roddy lives and works in the Inland Empire, enjoying a life in video production and photography.


He has been making commercials for local businesses since before the turn of the Century.
As an award winning videographer, he has helped companies tell the story of their business and relationship with the community.


An avid private pilot, Matthew enjoys the freedom of flight and the possibilities it represents.

In his spare time, Matthew travels with his camera, looking for the hidden essence of an object, a place, a time, a moment.


Matthew continues to discover his passion and looks forward to finding ways to help people bring their stories to life in a vivid, and hopefully, magical way.


So why the picture with the wolf, and why is Matthew so happy here?  "Well, I'm a dog," he says.  Then adds, "But in the good way."


Photo provided by Lori Lee, taken at Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.


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